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A Brief History of Anchor

Over twenty years ago, we realized that the typical distributor had a very hard job finding a very easy product. Sources were willing to take 2 to 3 days to quote high minimum runs that could be delivered in 5 to 6 weeks; but, finding a supplier with both high inventory fill rates and low minimum orders, was nearly impossible.

When we noticed several customers were buying the same 1/4-20 steel studs in about 8 different lengths, we decided to take the risk and fill the shelves with more studs. Through the years, the 8 different lengths were increased to about 50 different lengths; the diameter range was increased;  and, the materials stocked were broadened to include non-ferrous studs.  Six years ago, we added metric sizes to the product line. Last year, we started adding zinc plated material. Currently, our inventory range is from 2/56 to 3/4-10 in diameter (M4 to M20 in metrics), in lengths from 1/4" to 12" long.

No matter how comprehensive our line, there will always be "specials" that are not represented. We can cut down or machine any stock item to meet your requirements, with as fast a turn around as may be required. If you need non stocked items, we may be able to quote you studs that are longer or shorter, smaller or bigger than our stocked items. Today's special may become tomorrow's standard.



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