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S P E C I A L   S E R V I C E S

The following is a list of some of the special services that we can provide,  and which will add value to our products.  Please allow us to help you land that order and to help you increase your profit margins.

pinball.gif (1030 bytes) plating, degreasing and passivating.  Why double handle material? We can furnish a ready to ship item.
pinball.gif (1030 bytes) boxing and labeling. We will box and label any item. The label will be printed with a logo of the stud, quantity, size, material and YOUR name and not OUR name.
pinball.gif (1030 bytes) direct and blank shipping with your paperwork, to your customer's door.

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Main office telephone number:              631-249-8558
Local and international fax number:       631-249-8563
Toll free fax number (US & Canada):       800-557-STUD (7883)

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